December 11, 2019

More Thresher Sharks Tagged at Alor Island, Indonesia

We had an awesome week in Alor! It would be impossible without the help of amazing people of @air.dive who have been really generous in facilitating, assisting and endless support to our work. Thresher Shark Indonesia works with @conservationid to find out the movement of the thresher shark in Indonesia.

This is considered a pilot project and we’re both pioneering to reveal the mysteries of this species in Indonesia’s waters-to later support the Indonesian government for further protection to save them. Thresher sharks are now considered vulnerable to extinction by IUCN. In Indonesia, their management finds challenging barriers due to their behavior as a migratory animal, and elusive nature.

But you can help! If you found threshers landed around Indonesia or while diving around Alor, you can provide the information for us to follow up! Your single information is really valuable to help us with protecting this beautiful animal!