Thresher Shark Conservation Champion is a youth development program to support conservation efforts in the coastal area of Alor. 20 Alor youths will be chosen through an open selection process between the age of 18-22 years old. These youths came from all around Alor archipelago, East Nusa Tenggara, and will receive training on leadership, communication, and knowledge on marine conservation.

Since 2018, Thresher Shark Indonesia participates in the Thresher Shark conservation effort in Alor. However, the efforts of marine conservation cannot be done by itself. There is a need for collaboration with every part of the community, especially the active involvement of young people.

Therefore, in the year 2020 Thresher Shark Indonesia calls upon the youths of Alor through Thresher Shark Conservation Champion, manifesting the future of Alor’s marine ecosystem.

The Thresher Shark Conservation Champion program is supported by the Australian Government through the Alumni Grant Scheme administered by Australia Awards in Indonesia. This program will start in January and will be inaugurated in March of 2021. After the completion of program, Champions expected to lead efforts on conservation project through the small grant provided by the Thresher Shark Champion Program

Mentors will work alongside Champions to ensure that they could optimize the chance of learning, and achieve the effective project outcomes .

Would you like to see change and be a part of the transformation of Alor’s environment?



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Mentor & Champion


Bobby Dwi Kusuma Mentor Thresher Shark Champion

Geanisa Vianda Putri Mentor Thresher Shark Champion

Dea Hasna Isadora Mentor Thresher Shark Champion

Putra Malik Akbar Mentor Thresher Shark Champion

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