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Thresher Shark Project 2019 Project Summary and Accomplishments

Thresher sharks (Alopias spp.) have just recently been added to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered species (CITES, Appendix II) (CoP17 Prop.43). Their family is among the most vulnerable of all pelagic species and it is estimated that the population has declined around 83% due to bycatch and target fisheries. Our project aims to…

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Importance of Stakeholder Engagement

Creating Marine Protected Areas (MPA’s ) is an incredible way to conserve marine life and habitats. Yet, many MPA’s come short of their goals and lack effectiveness due to disagreements and fall outs amongst local communities and other stakeholders involved.  Stakeholder engagement throughout the entire development process of a marine protected area ( MPA )…

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Thresher Shark Project Goals

THRESHER SHARK PROJECT GOALS FOR THIS YEAR Interview with Thresher Shark Project Indonesia Co-Founder and Project leader - Rafid Shidqi Our goal is to stop the mortality of Thresher sharks in Alor, whilst improving the livelihoods of the communities in the area.  We have developed a proposal via the Shark Conservation Fund to continue our…

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Shark Conservation Challenges in Indonesia

Sharks are amongst the most threatened species on earth. Their extinction vulnerability is a consequence of fisheries exploitation and slow life history characteristics. Even though there are many international and local regulations put in place as responses to better manage shark fisheries and protect these species, enforcement of these regulations proves to be extremely challenging.…

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A Look Into the Life of Thresher Sharks

In this blog post, we are going to have a closer look at Thresher sharks as a species, and learn about what makes them unique, their habitat, life cycles, and threats. A lot is still very unknown about Thresher sharks. There is a lack of data regarding critical habitat, population numbers, and reproductive trends, which…

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Global Shark Threats

Despite having ruled our oceans for over 400million years , sharks are currently under serious threat. Our unsustainable actions as humans has severely effected shark populations world wide. It is estimated that over 100million sharks are caught and killed each year and shark populations have declined by almost 90% globally. Bycatch, illegal fishing and the…

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Shark Life and Facts

Here at Thresher Shark Project Indonesia , our work focuses on the conservation of sharks. For those of you who are interested, we'd like to take this opportunity to share a little bit more information about the history and characteristics of sharks in general. Sharks have been around for over 450 million years and are…

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Stakeholder Meeting for the Future of Threshers

Wrap up our productive week this September! We have conducted our stakeholder meeting, invited Alor's key decision-makers to include the Alor Dept. for Human Development, Dept. of Marine and Fisheries Province and District, Village Leaders, Alor People Council, private businesses, Alor fishers and NGOs all around Alor region. Our meeting set to communicate our project…

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Thresher Shark Project is in the Radio!

What an interesting evening! We were invited to share our project stories at PSPK Radio Alor 95.6 MHz. It is very important to reach the ears of young people and let Alor people know how special their waters are with thresher sharks in it! We are so glad that some of Alor governments were listening…

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Seastainable Co. funded Thresher Shark Project Indonesia

We are very grateful to announce that our project has been granted funding from @Seastainable.co - a social enterprise, working for the sustainability of the ocean by promoting green behavior. Our work is honored to get support for one of the projects in Southeast Asia! Next month we will be conducting a multi-stakeholder meeting at Alor…

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Pelagic Thresher Shark is now Endangered

The recent update from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) stated that Pelagic thresher shark (Alopias pelagicus) has now risen from Vulnerable (VU) to Endangered (EN). The rank that we never wished to be placed upon thresher shark. The population trend is declining throughout the world, yet conservation action is still lacking for…

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More Thresher Sharks Tagged at Alor Island, Indonesia

We had an awesome week in Alor! It would be impossible without the help of amazing people of @air.dive who have been really generous in facilitating, assisting and endless support to our work. Thresher Shark Project Indonesia works with @conservationid to find out the movement of the thresher shark in Indonesia. This is considered a pilot project…

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Children and Thresher Shark Story Books

We got some happy kids this morning. Thresher shark storybooks were just distributed to two schools located in two villages of Alor, where shark fishing communities are located. Their exciting faces, and shouts, "Mas Rafid! Hiu Tikus Hiu Tikus! (Sir Rafid, Thresher sharks!)" So happy that they're still remembering our previous presentations at school about…

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We meet Alor’s Regent Government

Our project was directly invited by Alor's Regent Government, Bapak Bupati Amon Djobo! Yesterday, our project team member, Dewi Ratna Sari was invited to the Regent Office at Kalabahi to present directly to Bapak Amon Djobo about our activities at Alor. Dewi told how special Alor waters are with thresher sharks in it. We were…

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Seven Thresher Sharks Tagged

The team had just done a very successful trip earlier this month! With it, we marked 7 thresher sharks are being tagged with satellite tags! - all of this would be very impossible without the enormous supports from Conservation International. We are overwhelmed by the supports this project has received from many people and organizations…

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Mysteries of Thresher Shark Mom

One more pregnant individual of the thresher shark took down in the village this morning. A heartbreaking view, every time we come to visit the shore. Alor waters is a very unique natural feature, that quite often pregnant sharks being spotted. From the statements of the communities, cold waters and strong currents in Alor most…

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Thresher Shark Project Indonesia was founded in 2018 and initially supported by the Conservation Leadership Programme for Asia Pacific Region. Our work aiming to protect endangered pelagic thresher shark (Alopias pelagicus) in Alor Island, Indonesia through investigating the critical habitat, socio-economic importance of the species for the community and conservation outreach to local schools. We combine research and community engagement to inform policy decision for local protection of the species.

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