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Thresher Shark Project Indonesia’ Founder Featured at Seastainable. Co website

#SeastainableStories – Rafid Shidqi, Thresher Shark Project Indonesia  #SeastainableStories is a series Seastainable will be launching to feature amazing ocean conservationists and advocates! We believe that everyone can play a part in contributing to healthier and happier oceans. For our third week of sharing #SeastainableStories, we are featuring Seastainable Team’s seabling through SEA Camp, Rafid…

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Shark Tagging With Conservation International

Samata recently teamed up with local NGO Thrive Conservation, an organization dedicated to protecting the environment and its creatures on their shark tagging project in Alor, one of Indonesia’s lesser-known islands that boasts a magnificent underworld. Leading the project was coral reef ecologist and senior advisor for Conservation International Indonesia’s marine program Dr. Mark Erdmann and fisheries…

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Where Do The Threshers Go

I barely heard the fisher’s shout. The wind was quite strong and the noise from the small solar-engine in our wooden boat made it hard to hear anything clearly. Pak Mark Erdmann, our supervisor from Conservation International Asia Pacific, was here that day, along with Sarah Lewis my professional supervisor from the Manta Trust. Both…

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Tails of the unexpected – Historic first for thresher shark tag team

All three species of thresher shark are classified as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List of Endangered Species. Highly valued for their meat and fins, they are frequent victims of gillnet and longline fishing, either as direct targets or as bycatch. Their slow rate of reproduction makes them extremely vulnerable to overharvesting. With this in…

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The thresher’s under pressure

Master of Environmental Management student Dewi Ratna Sari founded Thresher Shark Project Indonesia after receiving a Conservation Leadership Award in 2018. “In recent years, their population has declined by 83 per cent worldwide, however specific information – such as their habitat use and population-risk status – is not well understood,” Ms Sari said. Thresher sharks are listed by the Convention…

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From food source to friend

“My dad catches this shark!” A little boy shouted his reply from the corner of the class in response to my question. My team and I were doing our outreach activities in two schools in Alor, Indonesia where local people target thresher sharks to sell and consume their meat. The rest of the students in the classroom…

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Peneliti Thresher Shark Project Indonesia Temukan Hiu Tikus di Perairan Alor

Kalabahi, – Peneliti Thresher Shark Project Indonesia menemukan Hiu Tikus di Perairan laut Alor, Provinsi Nusa Tenggara Timur. Hasil penelitian tersebut terungkap bahwa Hiu Tikus ternyata berada di kedalaman laut Alor kurang lebih 20 meter. “Di Indonesia Hiu Tikus ini memang tersebar di laut lepas. Nah, uniknya di Alor ini ditemukan di dekat-dekat pantai saja.…

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Hiu Tikus Jadi Potensi Wisata Baru di Alor

Kalabahi, – Peneliti Thresher Shark Project Indonesia menemukan Hiu Tikus pada kedalaman laut sekitar 20 meter di Perairan Alor. Menurut mereka penemuan Hiu Tikus tersebut menambah daftar kekayaan aset wisata bawah laut di kepulauan Alor, Provinsi Nusa Tenggara Timur. Sebab, di dunia ini Hiu Tikus jarang ditemukan di kedalaman laut sekitar 20 meter. “Hiu Tikus…

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Thresher Shark Project Indonesia was founded in 2018 and initially supported by the Conservation Leadership Programme for Asia Pacific Region. Our work aiming to protect endangered pelagic thresher shark (Alopias pelagicus) in Alor Island, Indonesia through investigating the critical habitat, socio-economic importance of the species for the community and conservation outreach to local schools. We combine research and community engagement to inform policy decision for local protection of the species.

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