October 28, 2021

Thresher Shark Indonesia: Impact Report 2020-2021

The year 2020-2021 was a huge challenge and brought many devastating impacts to the environment, public health, and our communities. It seemed to be an impossible year for conducting any activities on the ground because of the increased risk of health impacts to our team, and the communities that we are working with. However, it was also a testament to us for being resilient and adaptable. We are proud to say that we survived, persevered, and thrive – the year has helped us to think through many different scenarios and demand us to pivot to different approaches. Here, we share the triumph of impacts that we have created throughout the difficult year. We are grateful for all the supports of our donors, governments, and partners who are sticking with us in achieving these small wins for shark conservation in Alor Island, Indonesia.

View our impact report here.