January 4, 2020

Stakeholder Meeting for the Future of Threshers

Wrap up our productive week this September! We have conducted our stakeholder meeting, invited Alor’s key decision-makers to include the Alor Dept. for Human Development, Dept. of Marine and Fisheries Province and District, Village Leaders, Alor People Council, private businesses, Alor fishers and NGOs all around Alor region. Our meeting set to communicate our project findings, and connecting the interests of all stakeholders for future thresher shark protection at Alor. It was truly beyond our expectation that the meeting went very successful. All the stakeholders praised the work and indicating strong interests to work collaboratively and continue the work we started.

Alor fisher communities discussing the conflict of uses and regulation for conservation

Though we couldn’t deny the fact there were some contrasting opinions between communities, governments, and other organizations about the role of the shark and conservation in Alor, we are eager to continue this work as the future of thresher shark in Alor is indeed very bright!

Thanks for @seastainable.co who exclusively funded this meeting, CLP and all the people who have worked hard, including our new volunteer, Gisela Emanuela who worked behind the curtain and became part of our team in these past weeks! Her involvement truly brought unexpected networks and connection that benefitted our project at the regional level!

We’re not stopping here, as the new door has just opened!