January 4, 2020

Seastainable Co. funded Thresher Shark Indonesia

We are very grateful to announce that our project has been granted funding from @Seastainable.co – a social enterprise, working for the sustainability of the ocean by promoting green behavior. Our work is honored to get support for one of the projects in Southeast Asia!

Next month we will be conducting a multi-stakeholder meeting at Alor – presenting our findings and collect insights of the continuation for project sustainability for thresher shark protection at Alor. Funding from @Seastainable.co will particularly help in co-funding with CLP to ensure this meeting could lead to tangible outcomes for conservation. Hopefully, we could continue to inspire people in Alor as steward to protect their precious thresher shark population

Thank you for Seastainable Co. in believing our work! – and thank you for working tirelessly to support various projects lead by young people in Southeast Asia!

Learn about our project’s featured at Seastainable Co. here

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