January 23, 2024

Lewalu Village’s Signature Shredded Tuna and Corn Granola Now Available in Kalabahi Mini Markets

Alor – Recently, the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Satu Hati from Lewalu Village made a breakthrough by introducing their products to minimarkets in Kalabahi, Alor Regency. This provides convenience for those who wish to purchase various delicious and healthy local food products from MSME Satu Hati. Now, Alor residents can find them at Kalimantan Store, Pagi Mart, and Sejahtera Supermarket.

Exhibition of Lewalu’s Signature Tuna Flush at Pagi Mart

Efforts to market these products aim to make it easier for consumers to purchase MSME Satu Hati products, boosting sales to motivate the MSME group to continue producing and developing their businesses,” said Igo Arianto, Community Development Coordinator at Thresher Shark Indonesia.

Shredded tuna and corn granola from MSME Satu Hati, in addition to corn titi, can become favorites for souvenirs from Alor. These two products use sustainable marine resources while giving them a modern touch. These tasty and healthy products are priced between Rp. 38,000 – Rp. 40,000 per packet.

Saleha Taahing and Igo Arianto are monitoring products at the Pagi Mart

According to the MSME group’s leader, Mama Saleha Taahing, “MSME Satu Hati is an empowerment in the conservation effort for Thresher Sharks in Alor. This way, women’s groups in Lewalu Village, including fishermen’s wives, can contribute to their family’s economy.” Mama Saleha exemplified that the primary raw materials for the tuna product are sourced from fishermen in Lewalu Village, while the corn granola, made with natural ingredients, is the first of its kind in Alor. Besides being appetizing, these products are also healthy.

The MSME Lewalu group also intends to extend the marketing of their products to other districts. This aligns with the statement from the MSME Lewalu Marketing Coordinator, Mama Namsa Djawa, “In the future, the MSME Lewalu group plans to broaden the product marketing area to other districts. We are obtaining halal certification from LP3 Halal Center Aswaja NTT as one of the high standards to allow us to grow product marketing and distribution.”

“One Heart” MSME Group, Lewalu Village

MSME Satu Hati in Lewalu Village is a micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSME) group centered in Lewalu Village. Supported by Village-based corporations ‘BUMDes’ and Thresher Shark Indonesia, this MSME concentrates on processing the local fishery and agricultural resources in Lewalu Village. Currently, the MSME Satu Hati group has 10 dedicated members. Their flagship products include shredded tuna, jerky, patty, and corn granola.

The empowerment activities of this UMKM group are part of the conservation effort for thresher sharks. Since 2021, Thresher Shark Indonesia has involved fishermen’s wives and women’s groups in Lewalu Village in developing tuna fishery and thresher shark woven fabric products. This initiative is supported by Ocean Blue Tree, aiming to promote marine health and inspire communities to adopt sustainable lifestyles.