September 25, 2020

Alor’s Head of Regent, Amon Djobo Made the Thresher Shark Indonesia Program Plan Official

Alor – Head of Regent, Amon Djobo directly made official the Launch of Work Program of Thresher Shark Indonesia 2020 – 2021 on Tuesday, (22/09) in Alor regent’s office.
This inauguration was also attended by the Head of Offices of Alor, high-ranked individuals, as well as marine entrepreneurs around Alor, East Nusa Tenggara. This event was opened with a speech by Rafid Shidqi, the president of Thresher Shark Indonesia. Next, the event was made official by the Head of Regent, Amon Djobo. During his speech, Alor’s Head of Regent gave directions on the Drafted Rules to continue based on the research outcome from the Thresher Shark Indonesia team the year before. He then invited everyone to give full support.

Furthermore, the launch of the program was marked with the signings of the event news and joint commitment by Alor’s Head of Regent, Amon Djobo and all the SKPD representative who attended. After the Head of Regent’s endorsement, the coordinator of Thresher Shark Indonesia, Dewi Ratna, presented the work’s plan for 2020-2021. There are at least four main programs that will be done this year. They are:

  1. Supporting the policy of Thresher Shark conservation in the regent’s level.
  2. Accompany the local government to support the efforts of Thresher Shark conservation.
  3. Increase the capacity of Alor’s youth in conserving Thresher Sharks and the marine resources in general.
  4. Continue doing research regarding the habitat of Thresher Sharks around the waters of Pantar Strait.

The event then ended with a picture together and the signing of the event news.