Laraswati Clarita Ola

Laraswati Clarita Ola (Laras) completed her Bachelor’s Degree at the Urban and Regional Planning Program, Malang National Institute of Technology, in 2019. She started her career as a Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation (WSES) Facilitator at the Planning, Development, and Research Agency (BAPPELITBANG) of Alor Regency. During her job, Laras was responsible for the data collection on water supply and environmental sanitation and collaboration with the local government to monitor and advocate for a healthy lifestyle in the Kabola District community. With her experience, Laras decided to continue her career at Thresher Shark Indonesia.

At Thresher Shark Indonesia, Laras is working as Women Development Coordinator, responsible for preparing correspondence, and financial reports, as well as participating in monitoring and evaluation of our community development projects.