Balqie Al Hafizh

Balqie is an experienced wildlife filmmaker and big cat (behavior) researcher in the NGO world. Balqie regularly campaigns for the survival of orangutans in Indonesia. His hobby is genetics, supported by his specific interest in Eastern Indonesia and Eastern Europe has led him into the exciting world of conservation. Balqie has been lurking in Thresher Shark Indonesia since 2018. He is curious and passionate about shark conservation and marine preservation. This guy begins to explore the jungle at the age of 10, and now he has explored many jungles during his career. Finally, this year, he got the chance to join Thresher Shark Indonesia, an ultra-big jump from the large mammals in the jungle to the Thresher Shark in the ocean. Balqie will work with the Communications Team to support the branding and content creation of Thresher Shark Indonesia.