Badra Jultouriq Rahman

Badra Jultouriq Rahman has recently completed his study at Padjadajran University, earning his degree in Bachelor of International Relations (IR). Badra has experience with Thresher Shark Indonesia in creating a program that supports the transition of Alor shark fishers in Lewalu Village, by building a thresher shark education center, developing food products made from tuna, and making thresher shark patterns for the woven fabric as one of the branding steps for Lewalu Village as a “Thresher Shark” village. This experience has made him interested in conservation life.

Badra is very excited to be a part of Thresher Shark Indonesia as an Education and Outreach Officer. In the project, Badra is responsible for developing communication content, such as opinion articles, website materials, and social media content. Badra also helps to expand project outreach to multiple stakeholders and the public in general with a creative mind.