Thresher Shark Champions Organize Follow-Up Waste Management Training for East Kalabahi Community

KALABAHI, LENSANUSAKENARI.NET – The Thresher Shark Champions has successfully organized a follow-up waste management training for the East Kalabahi community, Teluk Mutiara Regency, Alor. This event was carried out in one of the villager’s residences on Friday, February 18, 2022.

The four-hour activity was filled with enthusiasm from the 25 women who were representatives of East Kalabahi district. Through this training, participants were given the opportunity to learn and implement the process of making bokashi compost from the everyday household waste.

The practical activity was preceded with a 30-minute presentation by Soleman Molina, SP., who explained the tools and materials which needed to be prepared, as well as the steps of making compost. Participants of the training were able to grasp the explanation quickly due to the simple steps of bokashi composting.

Read more about this activity here (In Indonesian)