June 9, 2024

Keep Learning! The Weaving Group of Lewalu Village Participates in Thresher Shark Pattern Weaving Training

Alor – The mothers’ group of Lewalu Village recently participated in a capacity-building training for weavers organized by Thresher Shark Indonesia. This training involved five participants from Lewalu Village: Saleha Tahing, Suratna Soma, Ratna Bali, Rajia Muring, and Sakinah Masa. It took place over one day at the Gunung Mako Weaving Group Secretariat in Hula Village, North West Alor District.

Mama Sariat Tole, Head of the Gunung Mako Weaving Group and renowned in the local community as a natural dye expert from Alor, led the training. The session began with a presentation on various theories and techniques for properly binding patterns, followed by practical sessions where all participants were guided step-by-step.

Motif Tying Process

The participants were led through the entire process, from initial preparation to the final stage of pattern binding. In the first stage, they were instructed to wind the prepared threads into balls.

Tenun Alor
Rajia Muring participant (right) winding the thread from the manue tool.

In the next stage, participants proceeded with making thread strands (menghani). This process required careful handling to prevent damage to each strand, which could affect subsequent stages.

Tenun Alor
Participant Sakinah Masa (first right) is menghani thread.

Following menghani, the training continued with participants and Mama Sariat binding the thresher shark pattern. The bound thread strands were then transferred to a pattern-binding tool (salaga), marking the culmination of the training activity.

Practice tying thresher shark motifs

Throughout the pattern binding, Mama Sariat emphasized the importance of accurately depicting every part of the thresher shark’s body on the thread strands, ensuring the pattern closely resembled the shark’s actual appearance.

Throughout the training, it was clear that all participants were enthusiastic about each step of the pattern binding process taught by Mama Sariat. Her practical methods engaged participants, who diligently followed each stage of the training.

Igo Arianto, Community Empowerment Coordinator at Thresher Shark Indonesia, emphasized that the training aims to help the Lewalu mothers’ group consistently bind the distinctive Thresher Shark pattern, a hallmark of Lewalu Village.

“Our aim is to enhance production and market value within the group, ultimately boosting income for the Lewalu Village Weaving Group,” said Igo Arianto.

The Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) group of Lewalu Village has several small business units, including tuna fish floss, corn granola, and a woven group specializing in thresher shark motif. Each of these small business units has been consistently producing and marketing their products since 2021.

Author: Aqilah/Igo Arianto/Umar Tusin/Vivekananda