Tailor Your Experience!

Below is the list of projects you can choose from:

Thresher Shark Conservation
  • Workshop (2 hours)Visit to fishing ground and
Learn about thresher sharks, visit to ex-shark fishing ground and meet ex-shark-fishermenRp1.449.000
Mangrove ConservationWorkshop (1 hour)Mangrove restoration, collect mangrove propagules, choosing soil type, propagule planting, build mangrove nurseryRp719.000
Seagrass Conservation**
  • Workshop (1 hour)
  • Visit to Village and Dugong Park (3 hours)
Learn about seagrass ecosystems, visit to seagrass beds and dugong parkRp839.000
Coral Conservation
  • Workshop (2 hours)
  • Coral Reef Dive (1x)
Learn about coral conservation and identificationRp1.799.000

Important Notes on Listed Prices

  1. Each program includes lunch and in-program transportation.
  2. Specifically for the Seagrass Program, the price includes lunch, in-program transportation, and dugong park entrance fee.
  3. Coral Conservation Program includes lunch, in-program transportation, and dive equipment rental.
  4. All prices exclude tax 10%.

These tailored experiences are suitable for you who are already in Alor and want to spend a day with us.

Get a glimpse of the conservation experience you are interested in! Each experience will take around half a day, where you will have a workshop for theoretical knowledge, followed by a field trip to do the practical work regarding the conservation of your choice.

Thresher Shark Conservation

You will have a two-hour workshop to learn about the endangered pelagic thresher shark species, including:

  • general overview of the species
  • how to differentiate them
  • where they can be found
  • the attributes that make them unique
  • their migration path
  • the threats they face
  • the economic benefits
  • marine policies
  • the changes that can be made to help save this incredible species

After the workshop, we will take you to visit what used to be the shark fishing ground and ex-shark-fishers in Lewalu and Ampera Village. This visit aims to provide a deeper understanding of the socio-economic importance of several local communities in Indonesia. The field trip will take around three hours.

Mangrove Conservation

Spend an hour learning about mangrove species in Alor, how to identify them, their benefits, threats, ecosystems, and the methods of their conservation and restoration.

For the fieldwork, you will have the opportunity to go through the process of mangrove restoration, from collecting mangrove propagules, choosing the right type of soil, planting the propagules, and building the mangrove nursery. The fieldwork will take around three hours.

Seagrass Conservation

This one-hour workshop will let you get an understanding of how seagrass beds provide feeding grounds for well-known animals such as dugongs and turtles as well as other benefits they can have when they are in healthy condition.

You will have three hours to visit the nearby Kabola Village and get a chance to take a closer look at the seagrass beds in front of the village. We will also take you to see the famous dugong of the island, where you will be able to see in person the types of animals that live around seagrass habitats.

Coral Conservation

Gain knowledge on coral taxonomy, ecosystems, benefits and threats in this two-hour workshop and join us to visit the neighboring village, Sebanjar in Alor Besar, to take a closer look at the coral reefs and practice on identifying the species. The field trip will take around three hours.