December 11, 2019

Seven Thresher Sharks Tagged

The team had just done a very successful trip earlier this month! With it, we marked 7 thresher sharks are being tagged with satellite tags! – all of this would be very impossible without the enormous supports from Conservation International. We are overwhelmed by the supports this project has received from many people and organizations and amazed how such small actions have driven many communities to start caring – from fishers to fellow conservation workers, to divers and to other human beings in general.

It’s been also VERY inspiring to see the drive from Alor fishers – who are generally the hunters of this animal, and they’ve been showing a great willingness to shift away from this fishing practice. They’ve been part of our research members these past few months! As you can see here, our fellow Bapak Sahlul helping to release the shark after tagging!! We are hoping to continue the work, and really involve them in the alternative livelihood incomes, so they can be benefitted from the shark, not by killing it, but by protecting it.

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