IUCN Red List as Endangered


The pelagic thresher is caught as target and bycatch in commercial and small-scale pelagic longline, purse seine and gillnet fisheries. Most catch is taken as bycatch of industrial pelagic fleets offshore and high-seas waters. The Pelagic Thresher is especially susceptible to fisheries exploitation because its habitat occurs within the range of many largely unregulated and under-reported, small-scale and artisanal gillnet and longline fisheries.

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Thresher Shark Project Indonesia
Alor Island, East Nusa Tenggara
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Thresher Shark Project Indonesia was founded in 2018 and initially supported by the Conservation Leadership Programme for Asia Pacific Region. Our work aiming to protect endangered pelagic thresher shark (Alopias pelagicus) in Alor Island, Indonesia through investigating the critical habitat, socio-economic importance of the species for the community and conservation outreach to local schools. We combine research and community engagement to inform policy decision for local protection of the species.

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